Only 6% capital budget spent in Tanahun in six months


By Amar Raj Naharki

Tanahun, Jan 15 : Only six per cent capital budget of the annual allocation has been spent in the last six months in Tanahun district. 

The data available in the District Treasury Comptroller Office shows that only six per cent of capital expenditure was made in a half year of current fiscal year. 

Binod Bhattarai, Chief of District Treasury Comptroller Office, informed that only Rs. 200 million out of the total of Rs 3.15 billion earmarked for capital expense has been spent in six months. "The spent capital amount is meagre because the payment could not be made to the contractors during the period," he said. 

The data shows 38.76 per cent of the recurrent budget was spent during the period. 

According to Bhattarai, out of the total allocated Rs. 8 billion, about Rs. 4 billion has been spent from the allocation under recurrent expenses.

Meanwhile, more development budget of the provincial government has been spent than that of the federal government. According to the Office of the Treasury Comptroller, 10.54 per cent of the capital budget of the province government was spent in six months.

Bhattarai further said that out of the total allocated amount of Rs. 2.6 billion, Rs. 28 million was spent in the province. Likewise, under recurrent budget of the province 12.31 per cent of Rs. 827 million was spent. 

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