Tuesday, 15 October, 2019
Natural and religious tourism destination- Kumakh Hill

3 hours ago

Kojagrat Purnima Mela (Fullmoon day fair) held at Kumakh. a natural and religious tourism destination of the district, on the final day of Dashain on Sunday.

Syrian army moves to confront Turkish forces as US withdraws

18 hours ago

The Syrian army’s deployment near the Turkish border came hours after Syrian Kurdish forces previously allied with the U.S. said they had reached a deal with President Bashar...

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The Bills were certified by the President as per Article 113 (2) of the Constitution, says a statement issued by the Office spokesperson...

Cyclist dies after being hit by bus in Chitwan

17 hours ago

Critically injured in the incident, the man breathed his last at Bharatpur Hospital during the treatment.

NA defuses socket bomb in Siraha

18 hours ago

NA's Sherdal Battalion stationed at Choharwa in the district has disposed the bomb

Nepali woman killed over dowry   

1 day ago

A Nepali married woman is suspected to have been killed by her in-laws over dowry at Bedayari of Jogbani in Attariya district, India.

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