Tuesday, 18 February, 2020
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Tech and coronavirus

1 day ago

The world is never going to be from issues. Terrorism, cybercrime, assaults and more. Every day, you get to hear one thing or another that’s plaguing the world, and right...

He stressed that the local government should be committed to protect the infrastructures constructed by state government, adding that...

  Education in mother language enhancing student learning   

16 hours ago

The community schools at Bhume and Putha Uttarganga rural municipalities in the district have started teaching in the Magar Kham language in a bid to enhance...

EIB to provide Rs 12.4 billion grant to Nepal

1 day ago

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide Rs 12.4 billion grant to the Government of Nepal for its electricity system up-gradation project.  

Feels like we've won the war: Wuhan returnees

1 day ago

Nepal’s quarantine was much better if compared to quarantines of India and Bangladesh.

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