Fuel import from Birgunj transit up by 78 percent


Birgunj, June 23 (RSS): Fuel import through Birgunj transit point has increased significantly. The import of petroleum products via this major trade transit point of the country has gone up by 78 percent in the 11 months of the current fiscal year compared to the corresponding period last fiscal year, the Birgunj Customs Office said.    

One million 418 thousand 217 kilolitres of petroleum products worth Rs 74 billion 346 million 600 thousand was imported through this transit from July 16, 2021, to June 14, 2022, of the fiscal year 2021/22.    

Two million 531 thousand 660 kilolitres of petroleum products worth Rs 153 billion 360 million 700 thousand have been imported using the Birgunj transit in the 11 months of the current fiscal year 2022/23. This volume of imports is 78.51 percent more than that of 11 months of the previous fiscal year.    

Similarly, the import of LP gas has increased by around 8 percent. Two hundred fifty-eight thousand 150 metric tonnes of LPG has been imported through Birgunj transit in the last 11 months of the current fiscal year as compared to 239 thousand 638 metric tonnes in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year. The import of LPG during the period this fiscal year is more by 18,500 metric tonnes.   

Although the import of diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, and LP gas has increased that of kerosene has decreased by 30 percent, said Sumit Gupta, Information Officer of the Birgunj Customs Office.    

According to him, approximately 34 percent more revenue than that collected in 11 months of last fiscal year has been collected during the corresponding period of the current fiscal year with the increase in the import of petroleum products.

Revenue Rs 54 billion 539 million 200 thousand was collected last fiscal year whereas Rs 72 billion 822 million 600 thousand has been collected from fuel imports in this fiscal year.    

Seventy percent of fuel and 85 percent of LPG that is consumed in the country is imported through Birgunj transit.    

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