Birgunj metropolis to coordinate with RSS for publishing news bulletin in Bhojpuri language


Birgunj, June 22: Birgunj metropolitan city has announced to publish news bulletin in Bhojpuri language by establishing coordination with the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS).     

The metropolitan city made such an announcement in its policies and programmes unveiled for the coming fiscal year today.     

In the today's municipal assembly, Mayor Rajesh Man Singh said news bulletin in Bhojpuri language would also be published and disseminated from RSS, the State-run news agency of Nepal.     

He mentioned, "The metropolitan city has given priority to disseminate news in Bhojpuri language and incorporated it in the policies and programmes."     

Similarly, the policies and programmes have mentioned arrangement of pension to senior journalists as well as establishment of disaster relief fund to provide necessary support to media houses and journalists during disaster.     

Mayor Shrestha stressed the distribution of public welfare advertisement in a proportional manner to media houses that are registered and in operation in metropolis. The metropolitan city would also support for the institutional development of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Parsa. (RSS)

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