Nepali poetry released in New Delhi World Book Fair


BY A STAFF REPORTER,New Delhi, Feb. 13: Nepali poet Amar Akash's first poetry collection 'Tungana' was released on Sunday amid a programme on the second day of the World Book Fair 2024 being held in New Delhi, India.

 Odiya poet and former Ambassador Amarendra Khatua, Himalayan poet Yuyutsu Sharma, poet and historian Radha Chakraborty and a dozen other Indian poets were present at the event where Pratik Magazine's Australia issue was also launched.

 In the multilingual poetry reading held at the fair, poets recited their poems in Tamil, Hindi, English, Nepali and other languages. At the event, Yuyutsu Sharma recited the title poem Tungana in English. 

Other poets including Manoj Krishnan, Mandira Ghosh, Usha Muju Munsi, Rachana Joshi, Sanjula Sharma, Poonam Suri, Rumki Vasu, Swati Ramble Sharma, Priyasha Mohanty, Eval Bharti and others also recited poems. 

Shreejana Bhandari, Director of White Lotus Book Shop Kathmandu, concluded the programme by stating such events would strengthen the cultural exchange between different countries and help Nepali poets be known around the world.

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