Govardhan Puja today


Kathmandu, Nov 14: The fourth day of Tihar is being celebrated today by worshipping Govardhan Parbat. The ox is also worshipped and provided with delicious food today. 

Today, people prepare a mixture of cow dung and ochre formed into paste and apply on the house yard and floors and make a replica of the Govardhan Mountain from cow dung and worship it.

Theologian Prof Dr Devmani Bhattarai said the ritual of worshipping Govardhan Puja was established in memory of protecting the people of a place, Gokul, by Lord Krishna from torrential rains by lifting Govardhan mountain by his hand. It is believed that the god of rain, Indra, was angered and there by caused heavy downpour. 

Similarly, ox is also worshipped as the vehicle of Lord Shiva today. (RSS)

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