Husband beats wife to death


By Arjun Kafle, Syangja, Mar. 23: Kamala Neupane Subedi of Putali Bazar Municipality 13 has succumbed to the injuries she got from the beating of her husband his elder brother.

She was undergoing treatment at Norvic Hospital.

She was beaten severely by her husband Laxmi Prasad Neupane and her husband's elder brother Keshav Raj Neupane over one and a half month ago.

The police said that she was kept at home after being beaten badly with the intent to kill her. She was unable even to speak when the villagers rescued her and took her to hospital 15 hours after the incident of beating.

She was initially treated in Pokhara but then taken to Norvic as she needed ventilator for treatment.

The police started the investigation on February 7 by arresting Neupane brothers, two days after the incident.

The police lodged a case of murder attempt case against the Neupane at Syngja district court. Laxmi's brother-in-law Keshav Raj Neupane was released on bail of Rs. 3 lakh by the court whereas her husband was sent to prison for further investigation as he was found to have beaten and wounded his wife.

Police Inspector Padam Bahadur Thapa informed that preparations were underway to file a case of murder against the Neupane brothers following the death of Laxmi due to beating.

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