Bakhkhu of Lama women costs Rs. 150,000


By Our Correspondent,Humla, Jan. 25: The price of Bakhkhu (Puko), the traditional attire of the women from the Lama community costs up to Rs. 150,000 in Humla district. 

The dress that women wear during festivals and fairs is expensive because it has to be prepared very painstakingly.

Chhapal Lama of Simkot Rural Municipality-3 said that the price of 'Puko' worn by women on special occasions is up to Rs. 160,000.

 He said that the reason why the dress is so expensive is because the woollen thread is prepared and woven meticulously, and even a small piece of tiger skin is placed on the sleeve of the dress. 

The women of the Lama community buy the Bakhkhu according to their economic status. 

The low-priced Bakhkhu costs Rs. 60,000.

Lama women wear it during Mane, Losar and Raling festivals, and when special guests come to the village.

 The women of the community have one Bakhkhu each.

 Recently, it is being protected in the village and even the Lama community living in the city have also been taking care of it. 

Men have been helping financially to prepare women's traditional clothes as well.

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