Limi's ballot box will be transported on Sunday


By Rajan Rawat, Humla, May 14: Ballot boxes will be transported by helicopter only on Sunday from Limi village of Namkha Rural Municipality-6.

Even though the polling was completed on Friday, April 13, the ballot papers of Limi will be transported only on Sunday as the helicopter could not be arranged on Saturday.

According to Ganesh Khadka, Chief of Barah Dal Company, Raniban, ballot boxes will be transported by helicopter from three polling stations in Limi only tomorrow as there is no helicopter service today.

Ballot boxes from three polling stations are being brought by helicopter due to Ice freezing in Limi and Nyalu Lake.

The three polling stations in Limi are Himshikhar Primary School, Til, Sunkhani Primary School, Halji and Bhrukuti Primary School, Jang. There are more than 500 votes in all three polling stations.

The votes of Namkha village municipality will not be counted until the ballot boxes of Limi arrive.

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