Trekkers start reaching Rara as weather favours


Tourists from Durga Female Trekking Nepal of Pokhara enjoying sightseeing of Rara Lake. Photo: Hari Krishna Aidi/TRN

By Hari Krishna Aidi, Mugu, Mar 29: The season of sightseeing in the largest lake of Nepal, Rara Lake, has started. It is found more suitable to visit Rara from March to June than in other seasons.

A foreign tourist currently trekking around Rara, Antigole, who is sightseeing under Durga Female Trekking Nepal of Pokhara, has found the atmosphere around Rara Lake suitable.

According to her, the color of Rara Lake changes according to the color of the sky, sometimes it turns blue, sometimes white, and sometimes black.

The lake becomes enchanting when the shadow of clouds falls on the lake and when the shadow of the beautiful Himalayas shines on the still water of the lake after rainfall.

According to the founder of the Durga Female Trekking Nepal of Pokhara, Durga Rawal, the best month of sightseeing in Rara is from March to May and October to November.

She said that if the foot trail from Jumla to Rara of Mugu, Humla, Dolpa till Khaptad can be developed by developing infrastructure then those who want to do a long foot pilgrimage can relish it.

It can also create employment opportunities for local females and for that, it is a must to develop a foot trail from Rara Chayanath, Rini Mokshya Tirtha (debtor liberating shrine).

According to the office of the Rara National Park, 3,754 tourists have visited Rara in the current fiscal year. Rara Lake is situated at 2,880 meters from sea level, is 167 meters deep, 5.1 kilometers long and 2.7 kilometers wide, while the bank of Rara Lake is 14.6 kilometers long.

It takes around seven hours to go around the lake on foot. Cycling and horse riding can be enjoyed but is forbidden to go swimming and bathing in the lake. There are many temples in the area. The Chayanath Mountain and Rini Mokshya in the east of Lake, are always covered with snow.

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