Govt consistently effortful towards fulfilling aspirations of nation, people : Acting PM Khadka


Kathmandu, Sept 20 : Acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said that the government is continuously effortful towards giving an impetus to the constitution implementation and fulfilling the aspirations of the country and people by establishing political stability, peace and good governance.    

Addressing the programme organized by the Constitution Day Main Celebration Committee at the Army pavilion (Tundikhel) to mark the Constitution Day, 2080 today, he expressed the belief that the country would be taken to a new high of an advanced democracy with the true respect and dedication of all to the constitution.   

The Acting PM asserted that the next agenda is good governance, prosperity and social justice since political stability has been maintained in the country with the basic pillars of the constitution gradually becoming stronger.    

"We all need to come together with more dedication to materialize the desire of Nepali people towards development while emphasizing on building the economy and social infrastructure along with the physical infrastructures," he said, adding that it is the collective responsibility of all to create an equitable society, freeing the people from poverty, illiteracy and backwardness by building a beautiful and prosperous nation through the implementation of the constitution.    

The Acting PM mentioned that the government has made the best possible efforts for controlling pandemic, and managing and minimizing disaster by expanding and strengthening the health infrastructures and services. The government is making the necessary preparations for checking the spread of dengue and minimizing its possible consequences. He further said works have been carried out in coordination with the province and local levels for providing immediate relief, rescue and rehabilitation during disasters like floods and landslide to prevent loss of life and property.    

Stating that all the state mechanisms have been mobilized in an effective manner to make the citizens happy and prosperous, guarantee good governance and to end corruption as per the letter and spirit of the constitution, the Acting Prime Minister reiterated the government's initiatives for providing the services that the state has to deliver to the citizen in a smooth and prompt manner even by using the available modern technology.    

He urged the political parties, civil society, intelligentsia, media, private sector and all to join hands for achieving development and prosperity taking the larger interests of the country and people as supreme and without harbouring any prejudice on the occasion of the Constitution Day.    

"May this Day today spread the deep knowledge about and inspiration from our constitution, especially among the youth and give all more energy and motivation in our journey towards good governance, prosperity and social justice," the Acting PM said in his statement on the occasion. (RSS)      

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