16th five-year plan being prepared to bring back migrant workers



Kathmandu, Sept 16: Vice-Chairperson of the National Planning Commission, Dr Min Bahadur Shrestha, has said the 16th five-year plan was being prepared in a way that would bring back those Nepalis who are in overseas employment.     

He shared this at an interaction on 'Existing economic challenges and roadmap of entrepreneurship' organised as part of the third Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit jointly organised by the National Youth Council, and Nepal Business Institute here today.     

Saying the concessional loan provided to youths has now been stopped as it could not give productive results, Vice-Chair Shrestha mentioned, "We provide concessional loan to youths. But it could not increase employment and productive results."     

On the occasion, the Secretary at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, Madhu Kumar Marasini, admitted that issues of youths were not resolved due to problems in policy implementation. He expressed the view that many problems of youths could be resolved if discussion would be held sitting with youths.     

Likewise, the Chairperson of the Nepal Bankers' Association, Sunil KC, stressed that there should be a guarantee of return on the investment. Stating that they were willing to invest in the youth sector, he shared that some banks are afraid to invest in industries as there is a risk of investment return.     

Former President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Bhawani Rana, pointed out the need to seek new destinations for the entrepreneurship of youths, laying emphasis on making youths entrepreneurs by amending policy and regulation. (RSS)

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