'Search and vaccine' campaign in Nepalgunj


Janaki, May 18 : Children who were missed out on different life-saving vaccinations within Nepalgunj municipality in Banke are now being administered the vaccine service again.   

Regular vaccination is being administered as part of the campaign of 'search and vaccine'. As many as 190 children have been so far provided with the service under the campaign.  

Public Health Inspector of Nepalgunj sub-metropolis, Rajan Shahi said the children who were missed out on vaccinations in the past would be covered in regular vaccine service.   

"Regular vaccination is being administered in Nepalgunj on 6-11 every month. We have also advanced another campaign of searching for children missed out on vaccination", he shared.  

He further informed that at least 139 children out of those missed out on vaccination service has been inoculated. Still 155 children are yet to be vaccinated.    
Earlier, children were inoculated in Nepalgunj on April 28.    

In course of the 'search' and 'vaccine' campaign, it was found that 692 children were missed out on vaccination in Nepalgunj.

"Total 177 children were found not receiving a single vaccine", Shahi said, adding, "Collection of information of those missed out and dropped vaccination without having complete doses. (RSS)

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