RAHS begins technology-friendly laboratory service


Tulsipur, March 13 :  The Rapti Academy of Health Sciences based in Ghorahi, Dang has started technology-friendly laboratory services.    

Information Officer at the Academy, Nishandaju Bhattarai shared that the hand-written work culture has come to an end with the introduction of tech-savvy system.    
He further shared that Academy's performance has become easier when all reports are generated from the computer-enabled system.    

"Hand-written reports used to be produced in the past. Errors were made while producing hand-written reports", he said, adding the computer-produced reports now are less likely be erroneous.    

A fully automated system has been installed and has come into operation, he further shared. Once the medical reports produced from the machine are being handed to the patients after cross-verifications, the Information Officer further said.    

This is so far the first machine in place in the district, Bhattarai informed. Service delivery has become easier and faster with the digital lab coming into operation, he noted. (RSS)

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