Bharatpur metropolis ahead in terms of performance


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Chitwan, Feb 17: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been ahead of other six metropolises across the country in terms of performance evaluation (PE). PE at local levels is based on their whole performance ranging from budget allocation to programme implementation.     

The National Natural Sources and Fiscal Commission evaluate the performance of the government of all levels based on their performance index so as to recommend the fiscal equalization grants provided by the government to province and local level equity on the basis of their expenditure need, their capacity in generating revenue and the efforts they make.     

The Bharatpur metropolis has got highest 72.22 per cent points. Similarly, Biratnagar Metropolitan City has stood second with 59.24 per cent points followed by Lalitpur with 58.43, Kathmandu with 56.52, Birgunj with 53.23 and Pokhara with 48.66. Bharatpur metropolis is located in the Chitwan district.     

Of seven local levels in the Chitwan district, Bharatpur has scored first.     

Similarly, Rapti Municipality has received 70.88 per cent points, Kalika Municipality 56.75, Ichhakamana Rural Municipality 59.51, Ratnanagar Municipality 57.63, Khairahani Municipality 55.83 and Madi Municipality 60.15.     

Bharatpur metropolis is ahead in terms of the construction of physical infrastructures and other performance in the country, said the metropolis mayor Renu Dahal.     

Efforts of all the metropolis people's representatives, employees and service seekers have been thanked for this endeavour, said the metropolis deputy mayor Chitrasen Adhikari. (RSS)

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