Baacha Vayo: Swoopna Suman’s wedding revealation


By Mannu Shahi

Suman Thapa a.k.a. Swoopna Suman is one of the leading faces of the contemporary Nep-pop scene, with over a dozen singles released under his belt. The singer has a loyal fan-base, as like prominent international artists: Army for BTS or Blink for Blackpink; Swoopna’s fans are labeled as “Swoopners”. They are collectively dedicated to promoting and genuinely supporting all his artistic endeavors. 

Born on December 2, 1995, Suman started developing a passion towards music while he was fairly young; he had penned his first composition by the time he enrolled in seventh grade. By 20, he had already collaborated with various artistes and released a few cover songs on YouTube, gradually curating a decent following. Kasari Bhanu (2017) released from Channel Arbitrary broke the algorithm of the internet making him an overnight sensation. 

The songster manages to sustain his eminence with back to back releases, an ever evolving growth curve and constant collaborations with new producers/artistes/arrangers. His song writing mostly relates to a rather younger demographic as his forte seems to be emotionally permeated romantic tunes describing infatuations, long-term relationships, tragedy in love or the longing for a passionate reunion. 

And the new single seems to be at par with his signature flair, released a week ago on May 6, 2022, the tune is trending at #1 for music amidst Nepal moderated online content.                                                              

The video initiates with the singer getting down on one knee to confess his love for his longtime partner and model Jyotsna Yogi, followed by their informal engagement. ‘Baacha Bhayo’ takes over as this 4/4 romantic ballad gorged with promises in love, to keep one’s partner safe through the thick and thins of life, to always be there regardless of any reasons and to share love, empathy and kindness with each other till the very end. 

The video is almost a wedding movie of the couple, who flaunt their affection and admiration for one another in the first half of the song and shift over to their actual wedding day briefly capturing their joy and the ritual ceremony in the later half. The video is created by Envelope Weddings with Prasanna Bijukchhe, Basistha Ghimire, Niva Rajbanshi and Bivek Gautam as the team members. In addition to this the video features Rupakot Resort, Pokhara as the hospitality partner; Rashik Bhattarai as the project manager; Eve & Evan Store on wardrobe; Traditional Comfort Hotel as the wedding venue. Saswot Shrestha is credited for the audio productions and arrangement and the vocal recording was laid at the Omniphonics Studios. 

Furthermore on the song Swoopna explains, “Being able to love someone with all my heart and being able to receive the same is a very special feeling. I feel blessed to have found a partner like Jojo who has always been my biggest strength since day one! After 4 beautiful years of togetherness, we got married with the blessings of our close friends and family on May 4th, 2022. I am sharing this song I wrote for her and our special day. Seeking nothing but love and blessings from all of you.” 

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