Farmers worry over lack of market


Photo: Sher Bahadur Sarki/TRN

By Sher Bahadur Sarki, Bajura, July 11: The farmers are fretful as the tomatoes produced in Bhanashila, Triveni Municipality -9, Bajura, are rotten in the garden due to the lack of market. 

The tomatoes produced by the local farmer Bikram Katuwal of Triveni Municipality-9 using organic compost are decaying in the garden because of not getting to market in time. The tomatoes started to ripe up in June but the lack of market has made them decay in the farm. 

He said, “I have done tomato farming through mulching technology in the seven ropanis of land and tomato plants have grown abundantly. However, tomatoes get rotten in the garden because of lack of market.”

According to Katuwal, vehicles are getting halted at Bamka Bazaar because of the rise in water level in the Budhiganga River. It is expensive to transport tomatoes to market by porters so tomatoes are being left in the garden to rot.

Even though there is access to the road in winter reason, a scenario in the rainy season is quite contrasting as the commute is limited because of repetitive road obstruction.

Therefore, the produce of the majority of farmers gets rotten in their gardens.  

Katuwal used to sell tomatoes in the Bamka Bazaar. There, he used to sell 5-7 crates of tomatoes daily. 

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