Misuse of Red Cross's land by former chair


By Hari Koirala, Urlabari, July 11: It is found that the former chairperson of the Gobindapur branch Tej Narayan Tajpuriya is utilizing the 19 kaththa of the land of Nepal Red Cross Society Morang Chapter illegally. 

According to the district chairperson Subodh Kumar Singh, the earnings from the land located at Keranja, Sunwarshi Municipality-6, have not been deposited in the last ten years in the district. 

"The details before 10 years need to be looked at in the report. The Red Cross has been running according to the previous political division even after the nation's restructuring." He said.

The former chairperson of the Gobindapur branch was also the former ward chair of Ward 6. 

The Nepal Red Cross Society Morang purchased the land in the year 1987 to manage the flood victims. The flood victims were using the procured land. 

Former Chairperson of the Red Cross Society Gobindapur Sub-Section Lal Bahadur Tajpuriya said that there were 22 flood-displaced families. They left the land they were utilizing in the 2000 AD. 

According to him, the earnings from 19 kaththa have not been deposited in the Morang Branch.

Secretary of the Gobindapur branch Baijanath Jha said that Tajpuriya took a lease of the land with a condition of paying Rs 25,000 per Khatta annually. 

Tajpuriya replied that he has been depositing the agreed amount on the queries from the working committee. He said that he gave the land to another farmer to utilize it and to pay the contract. He said that the challenge to preserve the land was added as the flood victims had left the occupied land in the year 2000. We protected the land even during the Maoist insurgency.  

He claimed that he has deposited some income, however, there is no proof of it. The ward chiar-6 Kamal Kumar Moktan has no information about having land and the former ward chair has occupied it.  He said, “I have heard about it but have not understood the reality.” 

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