Rukum (East) exports 60 quintals of cliff honey


By Jaya Man Buda Magar, Rukum (East), June 13: 60 quintals of Cliff honey have been exported from the district. The cliff honey is extracted between May and June. According to the District Forest Office, 60 quintals of cliff honey have been extracted between May and June. 

The wild bees are found in cliffs in three rural municipalities, Putha Uttarganga, Bhume and Sisne, of the district. The cliff honey extracted from different parts of the district is exported outside of the district. The extraction and export of cliff honey is done through contract. 

Ranger of the District Forest Office Bishow KC said that there has been an increase in honey production this year in comparison to previous years. Traders took permission to export 60 quintals of cliff honey and all of it is already exported. 

The revenue at the rate of  Rs 20 per kg is collected from exporters. With this, Rs 120,000 in revenue has been collected from 60 quintals of honey. 

Last year, 50 quintals of Cliff honey were exported from the district. 

Local Dhurba Buda Magar of Kakre, Bhume Rural Municipality-2, said that honey is sold at Rs 1,000 per kilogram. 

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