People in hilly areas of Nawalpur forced to undertake risky journeys


By Our Correspondent,Kawasoti, May 29: The deteriorated state of the roads connecting the hilly regions of Nawalpur district has compelled residents to undertake perilous journeys, significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Hira Singh Saru Magar from Baudikali Rural Municipality-6, Naram, said," More than a decade has elapsed since the track connecting Daldale to the northern hilly regions, including Baudikali and Bulingtar Rural Municipality was opened, the road has yet not been blacktopped." 

Transport entrepreneurs have noted that a few vehicles operate on this route due to the poor road conditions.

Magar said travellers were compelled to undertake risky journeys when the authorities failed to upgrade the approximately 45-kilometre road section leading to the hilly areas of Nawalpur district. 

Vehicles depart at an interval of at least two hours, this situation has further forced people to travel under hazardous conditions on the dilapidated roads. 

Residents of the hilly areas such as Bulingtar, Pokhari, Ruchang, Naram, Dedhgaun, Rantpur, Dandajheri, Hupsekot, Kotthar and other villages are forced to travel risking their lives. 

As many passengers travel on the roof of the vehicles after the seats get packed, the journey becomes even more dangerous. Most roads connecting to the hilly areas of the district remain blocked for months during the rainy season. 

Vice-chairperson of Baudikali Rural Municipality, Dilkumari KC Saru, said that the main problem of the village is the lack of proper physical infrastructure, as there is no black-topped road in the municipality.

It is almost impossible to operate vehicles in Devchuli Municipality to Kumsot, Pokhari, Raikot, Babak, Ruchang, Naram and Dedhgaun Bulingtar, during rainy seasons. Reaching schools, hospitals and offices in time is a struggle for people residing in the hilly areas of Nawalpur.

In the fiscal year 2022/23, there were 76 accidents involving vehicles in eight municipalities of the district, resulting in 29 deaths and 105 serious injuries. 

According to Lekhram Puri, the Information Officer of the District Traffic Office, Nawalpur, said that among them, seven died in five vehicle accidents in the hilly areas of Bulingtar Rural Municipality and Baudikali Rural Municipality.

Likewise, there have been 148 vehicle accidents in the district, causing 42 deaths and 65 serious injuries, till April of the current fiscal year, said Information Officer Puri.

Meanwhile, the East-West Highway was blocked in different places of Nawalpur on Tuesday because of the incessant rains of Monday night. 

Police said the East-West Highway, Kaligandaki Corridor and inner roads were obstructed due to the downpour and efforts were underway to resume them. 

According to police, the East-West Highway sank at Thumsi in Gaindakot Municipality and eight bus passengers were injured along the section of the road when the driver applied a sudden brake to avoid the road creep. 

Likewise, the highway was blocked at Binayi Tribeni Rural Municipality. A landslide blocked the inner road at Hupsekot Rural Municipality and two generators being used to build the bridge were submerged by floods in the Girwari River in Madhyabindu Municipality. 

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