Photo exhibition begins in Dhanagadhi


By Our Correspondent,Dhangadhi, May 29: On the occasion of the Republic Day, a photo exhibition through a slideshow has begun in Dhangadhi.

 The exhibition is organised by the Gorkhapatra Corporation in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law of the Sudurpashchim Province. The exhibition was inaugurated by Nazir Miyan, the Sudurpashchim Province Chief.

After viewing the exhibition, Sudurpashchim Province Chief Minister Dirga Sodari suggested that future exhibitions should include photographs representing the Sudurpashchim region. Former Chief Minister Rajendra Singh Rawal also emphasised the need to focus on the Sudurpashchim region in future photo exhibitions.

Laxmi BK, a member of the Provincial Assembly, commented that future exhibitions should include photographs of famous personalities from the Far Western region, such as Dharikadevi Thakurani, Bhimdatta Pant and Dasharath Chand.

Speaker Bhim Bahadur Bhandari, Minister of Physical Infrastructure Development Kailash Chaudhary, Minister of Lands, Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives Tika Thapa, Deputy Speaker Koilidevi Chaudhary, and members of the Provincial Assembly were present at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. 

The Gorkhapatra Corporation Dhangadhi office has announced that the photo exhibition will be held in the assembly hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law until May 30. The exhibition features photographs from various periods collected by the Gorkhapatra.

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