Govt schemes for employment generation


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 28: The government has unveiled multiple schemes with the aim of creating employment opportunities in the coming fiscal year. 

Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun while presenting the annual estimate of income and expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year of 2081/82 BS at the joint meeting of the federal parliament today has announced these schemes.

For the implementation of the “Integrated Programme for Production and Employment” the government has allocated Rs 7 billion. This program will be implemented in agriculture production and tourism promotion. 

To leverage start-up, the government has allocated Rs 1 billion for the Nepal Startup Fund. The funds from various sources will be encourage to invest in security of venture capital and private equity funds. 

Similarly, the government has announced next year as the Information Technology Decade Departure year. The government has set a target to amplifying export of Rs 3000 billion in the information and technology sector in 10 years and generate 5 lakh direct and 10 lakh indirect employment opportunities. 

The government has allocated Rs 6 billion for the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. The unemployed individuals registered under this program will be employed. The government will provide employment with a minimum of Rs 100 per day to 2 lakhs people.  

Similarly, it has allocated Rs 430 million to provide skillful training for 1000 youths in each province. 

The government has allocated Rs 8.10 billion for The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

For Youth and Sports 

The government has announced to generate employment to 1 lakh youths. It has announced the Youth Mobilization in Nation Building program which will ensure on-the-job training in industry, trade, agriculture and livestock firm, hotel, tourism, construction in coordination with public and private agencies to youths after the completion of university and to those seeking the job.

The government has announced Rs 3 billion to implement this program.

Concessional loans will be provided to youth to promote youth entrepreneurship.

The government has allocated Rs 3.50 billion for the Ministry of Youths and Sports. 

Prime Minister Daughter Self-Reliant Program 

The government has announced the Prime Minister Daughter Self-Reliant Program to provide employment generating education and skills. The government has announced Rs 100 million to implement this program. 

Also, it  has allocated  Rs 200 million to implement employment generation program for the Dalit Community.  

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