Rain gauging, early warning system installed in two Jhapa river


By Bishnu Prasad Pokharel,Damak, May 21: A warning system for floods has been installed in the Ninda and Biring rivers of Jhapa. 

Previously, the system was installed only in the Kankai River in the district. 

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has installed early warning equipment of flood to inform the citizens living near the two rivers about the flood risks. 

The rain gauges have been installed in Budhabare for the Biring River and in Bahundangi for the Ninda River, and the devices are expected to directly benefit the locals. 

Arrangements have also been made to monitor the water level in the rivers and rainfall conditions near rivers from the flood information centre at the District Administration Office in Jhapa. 

Sunil Pokhrel, Spokesperson for the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, said that an SMS notification system has been developed to alert nearby residents when the water level rises and becomes dangerous. 

Previously, information dissemination was based only on the technology installed in the Kankai River.

According to Pokhrel, this year, the system has been installed in most of the high-risk rivers in eastern Nepal. 

He said that device installation work in the Mawa and Ratuwa rivers in Jhapa has also reached the final stages. The newly installed system will be visible on the website within a few days, he added.

Pokhrel stated that they had a plan to install such equipment in 30 rivers across various districts, including eastern Nepal, this year, and it has already been installed in 25 locations. The remaining ones would be installed within a few days. 

He also mentioned that in some places, the equipment has been installed through projects, while in many places, the department itself has installed the equipment.

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