Province govt invests in tourism promotion: CM Yadav


Siraha, April 23: Chief Minister of Madhes Province, Saroj Kumar Yadav, has said the province government would invest in tourism promotion.

Addressing the concluding session of the 10-day-long 'Lahan Expo' here Monday, CM Yadav assured that the province government would create an atmosphere conducive to investment.

"Madhes province is bordered by India which has a huge population. Province government pays attention to how the Indian tourists could be brought in Nepal," he said, pledging his readiness to work together with tourism entrepreneurs and businesspersons. Potential areas of tourism would be identified and investment made accordingly, he informed. 

The CM further assured complete security to the businesspersons in the province. 

He also shared information that the province government would allocate an adequate budget for the coming year for constructing a levee along the Balan River and a modern building of the Ramkumar-Uma Prasad Memorial Province Hospital.

According to him, Lahan has a significant role in introducing a federal republic in the country. 

Also addressing the event were province assembly member Lalita Das, President of the District Coordination Committee, Dinesh Mahato, Lahan municipality Mayor Mahesh Prasad Chaudhari, and Chief District Officer Bashudev Dahal.

The expo had begun with a focus on agriculture, tourism, industry and trade. (RSS)

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