Nepal’s Mithila Artist Ranju Yadav’s solo exhibition in Germany


By A Staff Reporter, Kathmandu, Apr. 22: Nepal’s Mithila Artist Ranju Yadav’s solo exhibition has been held amid a function in Frankfurt, Germany.

Artist Yadav has been on her 33-day Europe Art Tour and Multi-National Solo Art Exhibitions-2024. She will hold her other solo exhibitions in Denmark and Finland as well.

Nepali Samaj Germany had invited Artist Yadav to exhibit her Mithila arts on the occasion of this year’s Nepal Day. Nepali Samaj celebrates the Day every year in Frankfurt on April 20. A total of her 24 artworks were showcased on Saturday. On the occasion, artist Yadav had presented a paper on the development of Mithila Art in Nepal, her artistic journey and her artworks’ impact on social change.

Similarly, artists from Nepal, Ukraine and Vietnam had given their live performances. Likewise, a Bollywood artist performed on Nepali song. Around 250 Nepali and German nationals had participated in the function and observed Yadav’s Mithila artworks and other performances. Sunita Gurung Schmidt presented a paper regarding mobile health project held in Gorkha district this year.

Besides, there was a session to teach and inform Nepali kids in Germany about the history, society and culture of Nepal. Serving traditional Nepali food to the visitors was another attraction of the Day.

On the occasion, Ambassador Khadka said that he was proud of artist Yadav who brought the Mithila painting from Nepal to Germany for promoting Nepali culture and assisting cultural diplomacy in the international city, Frankfurt.

Addressing the function, Nepali Samaj’s chairperson Shiva Adhikari thanked Ram Kaji Khadka, Ambassador of Nepal in Germany, Bernhard Maier, Chief of the Mayor’s Office in Frankfurt, Bodo Krüger, Honorary General Counselor of Nepal for Hessen and Thüringen, Dr. Armin von Unger-Sternberg, Chief of the Office for Multicultural Affairs in Frankfurt, artist Yadav and Gurung Schmidt for their esteemed presence and diverse contributions.

Chairperson Adhikari further said that Frankfurter Nepal Tag was not only promoting Nepal in Germany but also connecting people of the two countries and bridging the people of the two countries.


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