Hearing through virtual medium in Humla Court


By Rajan Raut,Humla, Apr. 16: Chief Justice Biswambhar Shrestha has instructed the district courts to organise the court hearings through virtual means. 

He has directed the district courts to implement this system to alleviate the shortage of inaccessible advocates and reduce the financial burden on service users.

Chief Justice Shrestha, who inspected the district court on Monday, instructed the court staff to utilise technology for conducting hearings virtually. 

He said that with fewer advocates available in remote areas and the higher financial burden of bringing in external advocates, hearings must be managed using virtual means.

He said that it would be easier to use the virtual medium than having to attend the advocate bench and argue, as the client wants the work to be done quickly and at a low cost.

Chief Justice Shrestha said that as per the rules, the virtual method is suitable for debates, so courts in remote areas should quickly adopt the method of hearing.

He said that the Supreme Court is ready to help if there is a lack of resources for this. 

He said that the court should pay attention to the timely completion of justice procedure.

Every case should be done within the given time frame and there should not be any hurdles to service seekers, he added. “Before this, there should be an inspection in the district courts,” he added. 

Along with Shrestha, Chief Registrar Devendra Raj Dhakal and Deputy-Chief Arjun Prasad Koirala were also present at the inspection programme. The team returned to Kathmandu on the same day after inspecting the Humla District Court.

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