Problems are not solved thru fury and aggression: UML Chair Oli


Kathmandu, April 14: CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has said it is necessary to seek solutions to problems in a restrained manner and as per the laws without becoming enraged.     

Responding to the media's questions after Sunday's meeting of the House of Representatives, he said that the operation of the House was disrupted due to the Nepali Congress, and the work of advancing the bill was affected.     

"The Congress is saying nonsense things out of anger and pain. This should not be done. The parliamentary governance system should be defended as a system. It should be advanced protecting its norms and values," he said.     

Stating that there is a unique precedence and limitation of conducting and moving ahead with the House business, the UML parliamentary party leader Oli pointed out the need to correct the lacuna and shortcomings based on past experiences.     

"The erstwhile government had not given any attention to pass the bills, the present government has been in office just recently. Congress does not come to logic. Rather they (Congress) have the wont towards obstinacy. They should correct this manner," the UML leader said, indicating the obstruction of the business of the House of Representatives by the main opposition party.     

Noting that the government has been playing a coordination role to open the obstruction of the House and conduct its business, he said there is no getting entangled in the obstruction of the House alone as there are important agendas such as preparing the budget and bills, presenting them in the House for discussions and getting them endorsed.     

The former Prime Minister said: "The winter session of the parliament had to be prorogued at this time anyway. The budget session has to be commenced in a gap of 15 days. There is a constitutional requirement that the budget has to be introduced in the House on Jeth 15. The policies and programs have to be passed before that."     

According to him, the prorogation of the House session should be taken as normal and it is an obvious process.     

Nepali Congress chief whip Ramesh Lekhak said that his party objected to the session prorogation, neglecting the demands put forth by the party. He said the Congress had demanded for the formation of a parliamentary investigation committee to carry out a fair and independent probe into the siphoning of the amount of cooperatives and alleged that the government was negligent towards good governance.     

He reminded that the Congress parliamentary party has decided to stick to its demand of forming the parliamentary probe committee.     

CPN (Maoist Centre) youth leader Madhav Sapkota commented that the current 'bills session' could not be operated in an effective manner as desired. "Political topics rather than bills got more priority in the current session. It seems this load will be carried over to the next session," he remarked.     

Stating that the Nepali Congress fulfilled its role of criticizing the government as the opposition party, leader Sapkota said the current session had to be ended as mandated in the constitution within April 19 anyway.     

He welcomed the prorogation of the session, stating that there was no rationale for extending it for some days due to the continued obstruction by the Nepali Congress. He suggested political dialogue among the parties representing in the parliament to make the upcoming budget session productive and effective.     

Leader of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party and lawmaker Prem Suwal said although various parties are in the government, every government has become a failure in reducing corruption and promoting good governance. (RSS)

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