Mahabir Pun sells over 1,100 books in Gulmi


By Our Correspondent,Gulmi, Apr. 2: Mahabir Pun, the president of the National Innovation Centre, has sold more than 1,100 books in Gulmi district. 

 He reached the district last Thursday with the autobiographical book named Mahabir Pun, which contains his memories, dreams and endless journeys.

Upon reaching Gulmi as the 25th district while selling the book for the operation of the Birgunj Agricultural Tool Factory, he provided information about the introduction, purpose, and significance of his book, explaining why it was written and why one should read it.

Some local levels, public and private schools, students, various organisations, and individuals in the district have bought Pun's books.

Pun said that people were positive and enthusiastic while buying books in Tamghas Bazaar and Ridi Bazaar. 

 He said that he had planned to reach all 77 districts and sell 300,000 books, and sold more than 73,000 books as of April 1. 

Currently, 85,000 books have been printed in the fifth edition. Pun said that the book costs Rs. 700 for students and Rs. 750 for the general public.

He mentioned that the repair of the agricultural tool factory has been completed and there is a lack of funds to bring it into operation. 

He believes that radical change in agriculture can be achieved by bringing the factory into operation which was closed 30 years ago. 

Mayor Khil Dhwaj Panthi welcomed Pun to Resunga Municipality and encouraged everyone to join his noble campaign.

Expressing his commitment to this campaign, he emphasised the importance of the collective effort to ensure the success of his campaign and its objectives.

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