Date expired food items disposed


Myagdi, April 2: The date-expired food items at Annapurna rural municipality of Myagdi district were disposed by a market monitoring team on Monday.    
A team led by Vice Chair of rural municipality, Diwa Kumari Tilija Pun, conducted a market monitoring in the rural areas where it found the sale and distribution of foods and beverages even after expiry date.    
The marketplace of Ghar and Khiwang from Annapurna-6 was negligent on food hygiene, the team said.    
The inspection team comprised municipality staffs, employees from tourism and industry offices, police, and media. Vice Chair Pun informed that cooking oil, flour, species, tea, chowchow, biscuit, and cold drinks including beer were found date expired. So, they disposed such items worth over Rs 75,000.    
Even those running enterprise without maintaining VAT and PAN were made aware about the legal provisions. (RSS)       


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