JATC publishes delightful MV for ‘182’


By Mannu Shahi

Jhilkey And The Company (JATC) are a pop punk/ alternative rock band formed in 2019 by friends sharing their combined love to spread positivity and amazing music. The group transpired post the return of front person Steve Dewan to Kathmandu from Bangalore where he was pursuing his higher education. Steve connected with his musical ally bassist Bishal Hang Rai and also convinced his cousin Siddhartha Upreti to join on keys; drummer Dipson Narsingh KC entered the group on the recommendation of a mutual friend.

The quartet started intense rehearsal sessions and immediately began working in original tunes. Nearly six months later they released their debut four tracks EP “Jhilkey Fire” in January 2020 at Purple Haze Rock Bar, Thamel. But the ensuing pandemic halted day-to-day activities globally and things got a little out of pace, yet the Jhilkey lads continued to reach out with their enthusiastic online presence. Their vibrant social handles, remote live performances and humorous skits engrossed their viewers, while their cherished tunes also kept alluring new listeners. 

When things returned back to normal, JATC teamed-up with Positive Vibes and conducted a Nepal tour performing in venues across Birtamode, Biratnagar, Butwal, Bhairawa, Chitwan, Dang, Nepalgunj, Pokhara, Urlabari, Dharan and Kathmandu. Subsequent to the tour, pianist Siddhartha parted ways with the group for personal reasons, however, the remaining three members endured and commenced working on their sophomore album. While fabricating the album, the trio felt a need to add another instrumentalist to the group and introduced Zacy Maggot on second guitars. 

Not long after, the quartet released their sophomore album “Jawani Ko Josh” in June 2022 at Supper Club, Thamel. But a few months in, Zacy quit the group as well and the band has embarked on their journey as a trio ever since. In 2023, JATC played a few live shows and kept busy writing their highly anticipated new material, while simultaneously releasing an official video for the adored tune ‘Panchi Haru’ from their debut EP. 

The group is back again with the release of a new music video for the track ‘182’ from their sophomore album. Sadly, while the trio were pumped to publish their new material, their official YouTube was inaccessible due to some technical issues, thus, they were enabled to create a new account for the release. But within a couple days, against all odds the new account is also curating generous organic attention even amidst such occupied and tampered algorithms. This incident only further solidifies the prominence of JATC and the growing demand of their catchy-comprehensible music and their entertaining personalities.

‘182’ released last Thursday on March 28, is recorded, mixed and mastered by Core Tamrakar at Broken Egg Studios; the video is directed by Rhythm Rai; with Abishkar Joshi as assistant DOP; Gaurav Bista on editing; Avhisekh Giri on production management and Bidhan Acharya as the graffer. Slanting more towards the group’s pop-punk influences, the title of the song also seems an apropos to renowned mainstream punk band Blink 182. 

Lyrically, the song highlights a rather emotional narrative, expressing frustration with various unfulfilled desires of life. Acknowledging one’s false sense of hope and life’s monotony, the narrator at point also victimizes himself and identifies the grass to be greener elsewhere. The brilliance of JATC lyrics is exhibited in the humorous execution of both the song and the video. A delightful tune from the band’s captive discography.

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