Province is key link between federal and local levels, says PM Prachanda


Lumbini, March 2: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has described the province structure as an important bridge linking the centre and the local levels in a federal system.     

He said so while addressing the second sitting of the winter session of the Lumbini Province Assembly today. The winter session of the Province Assembly commenced since Friday.     

On the occasion, PM Prachanda said Nepal needed to demonstrate before the world the incomparable exercise of federalism and democracy by copying and adopting the novel and good practices of federalism.     

"Nepal's exercise in federalism should be made exemplary and we all need to make resolve from our inner self itself for the same," he added. Stating that the Lumbini Province has made an important contribution in terms of development, coordination, and collaboration, among other topics, PM Prachanda said a lot more remained to be done in the realm of federalism implementation and service delivery.     

"A lot of work remains to be done in terms of implementation of federalism, development and prosperity, and service delivery. The federal democratic republic has shown immense possibilities and the conspiracies of the anti-establishment forces have to be blunted by transforming these possibilities. All have to make combined, coordinated and positive contribution for that," he further said.     

Noting that the tendency of not showing enthusiasm in federalism implementation and reluctance to hand down fiscal and administrative rights is also seen at present even with the completion of eight years of promulgation of the constitution, PM Prachanda made it clear that he was consistently making efforts to break such tendency.     

He maintained that the practice of not showing keenness to transfer economic rights to the provinces and even if transferred sending the plan and budget designating from the centre itself in the name of conditional grant existed in the past. The PM stated a resolve has been made to break such mentality and tradition this time.     

Saying that the government is actively working in enacting federal laws, he informed the Province Assembly meeting that the draft of the Federal Education Act has been presented in parliament, that the Federal Civil Service Act was in the process of registration, and that the drafts of other laws including the Police Act will be tabled in parliament soon.     

The Prime Minister stated that Lumbini, the birthplace of apostle of world peace Gautam Buddha, is not only known as the place of origin of peace and a holy land, but it is equally known for leading various movements for change and forward-looking change.     

"Lumbini is the best example of a mix of revolution and peace," he asserted. According to him, Lumbini Province is at the forefront from the perspective of Nepali political movement, social life, historical legacy and possibilities.     

He recalled that Lumbini Province and its people have made significant contributions to the People's War, the historic people's movement and other socio-political changes. (RSS)

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