Food shortage in Jajarkot


Photo: Sahadev Basnet/TRN

 By Sahadev Basnet, Jajarkot, Feb 17: Locals are inconvenienced due to the non-availability of rice in the food depots of Jajarkot.

Junichande Rural Municipality- 7, Rajutara, sales centre of the district lacks rice. Locals have been visiting the Rajutara sales centre of Food Management and Trading Company Limited frequently just to get rice. 

Citizens who were hoping to get rice from the sales centre were left disappointed when the Food Management and Trading Company Limited could not send rice.

In Jajarkot, 13,000 quintals of rice were sold last year, this year FMTC approved 6, 5000 quintals of rice. 

Ram Prasad Poudel, the chief of FMTC Jajarkot Office, said that so far FMTC has supplied 840 quintals of rice in Jajarkot in the current fiscal year. 

In the current fiscal year, FMTC has supplied 380 quintals of rice from Banke, Nepalgunj, Branch Office Jajarkot, 380 quintals, 10 kgs of rice from Rajapur, Bardiya, while 80 quintals of rice have been supplied to Ghogi depot of Chhedagad Municipality from Banke, Nepalgunj. 

There has been a shortage of rice in the Tanga selling centre of Junichanda Rural Municipality for some time now. 

Chief Paudel said that there is no rice in the Dashera Depot of Chhedagad Municipality, but has 80 quintals of rice surplus in the Ghogi depot. 

Similarly, there is a paucity of rice at the Tapu Chaur sales centre of  Kushe Rural Municipality, while the Kauli sales centre of Barekot Rural Municipality is without rice. 

Chief Paudel said that there are only 14 quintals of rice left in Nayak Dada’s Depot, while only two quintals of rice are in stock in Chaukha Deport in Nagland Municipality. 

According to Brach Office, Jajarkot, there is a shortage of rice in Jajarkot as FMTC has been unable to supply rice to the suppliers for shipping as per the approved quota, and the suppliers that have signed the contract agreement have failed to ship them. 

According to the information provided by the office, not only in the Jajarkot district, but the FMTC has not been able to supply rice according to the approved quota in all districts of Karnali Province. 

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