Murrah buffalo bull brought in Taplejung


By Our Correspondent,Taplejung, Feb. 13: An advanced breed of Murrah buffalo bull has been brought to the Himalayan district of Taplejung. Maiwakhola Rural Municipality has brought the advanced breed of he-buffaloes for the first time in the district.

The advanced breed of Murrah buffalo bull has been brought to Dhungesanghu in Maiwakhola Rural Municipality-1.

 According to Chandrakumar Tamang, the ward chairman of Maiwakhola Rural Municipality-1, the bull of the Murrha buffalo breed was brought with the funds allocated from the rural municipality for the current fiscal year and with the participation of local farmers.

Tamang said that one bull of the Murrah buffalo breed was purchased for Rs. 100,050, with cost sharing of 25 per cent of the farmers and the rest for the ward office. According to him, the Murrah buffalo was purchased from the Tarahara Buffalo Research Centre in Sunsari.

He informed that the improved breed of the Murrah buffalo bull was handed over to Dinesh Banem, the owner of the Sanjha-Bihani agriculture and animal husbandry firm located in Dhungesanghu on Sunday.

Ward Chairman Tamang said that they brought in the advanced breed Murrah buffalo to improve the breeding of buffaloes raised by the farmers as well as increase their milk production, and uplift the livelihood of farmers. 

He said that with the bringing of the Murrah bull to the village, the local farmers would be more inspired towards animal husbandry business.

Farmers expressed their hope that due to the breeding of buffaloes with the advanced breeds, milk production would increase and they would get good income from animal husbandry. Earlier, India had decided to give 15 advanced breeds of Murrah buffalo bulls as a gift to Nepal.

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