Manavsewa Ashram rescues 10 thousand street people so far


Galkot (Baglung), Feb 12 : The Manavsewa Ashram has so far rescued 10 thousand helpless street dwellers throughout the country. At the same time, the humanitarian organisation has also intensified its awareness programs to make its campaign of ridding the streets free of street people successful.    

In this connection, the Ashram has conducted the Mechi-Mahakali Street Dwellers Rescue Campaign twice. In its latest such campaigns, the Ashram has been raising public awareness on the value of parents and intensified its rescue of street people.    

Central president of the Ashram, Ramji Adhikari, said that as part of the latest campaign highlighting the importance of parents, they have been organizing 'Aama Seminar' or the 'Mother Seminar' in various districts across the country to promote humanism, nationality, charity, love of the country and the importance of one's parents in life.    

As part of the seminar, a documentary film showing the rescue, care, family reunion of street people in course of the Ashram's Mechi-Mahakali campaign, is screened to the seminar audience. Adhikari, who is one of the resource persons of the seminar, has been bringing home to people the notion that one's parents are their god and one should never ever neglect them and compel them to live a life in the streets.    

"It is difficult to rid the country of street dwellers only through rescuing such people. Raising public awareness is equally significant. The Aama Seminar is an effort towards driving home in the minds of the people the value of one's parents and raising awareness to give love and care to parents," Adhikari explained.    

According to him, the Ashram has since its inception rescued 10 thousand street people so far. He urged one and all to join the campaign of making the country free of street dwelling people by 2026.    
The Manavsewa Ashram is a non-profit social organization founded in Makwanpur, Hetauda, on 29 August, 2012, dedicated to making Nepal a 'street people free country' by helping the most vulnerable, impoverished, disabled, homeless, physically weak or mentally or psychologically challenged people who are forced to live miserable lives in the open sky street-banks and public places.  (RSS)      


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