Connection to people for transforming NC: Leader Koirala


Kathmandu, Dec 9: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr Shekhar Koirala asserted that NC could be transformed if connected to people. 

Inaugurating today's 33rd annual general meeting of the Chitwan-Kathmandu Prajatantrik Sangam and its 12th anniversary, leader Koirala viewed his party as going to the people and engaging with them for transformation and strengthening.

Chitwan had an important role in democratic movements in Nepal, Koirala said, expressing his concern over Chitwan's current political whim that, he argued, was treading on a path different from democratic movement. 

He blamed the party's central leadership behind Chitwan's deviation from its democratic line and thus urged all the party cadres and leaders to unite and reinforce the party organization in Chitwan.

On a different note, he opined that NC would be a strong party if it would consider contesting upcoming elections independently. 

It may be noted that NC, the ruling party, had entered an electoral alliance with another ruling party CPN (Maoist Centre) in the past parliamentary elections in the last general election. 

The leader voiced his concern over the declining economic situation of the country where salaries were being paid to civil servants by obtaining loans from foreigners. 

Stating that over 127,000 students after completing their higher secondary school had flown abroad last year alone for further studies given the unfavorable environment in the country to study and work, he underscored concrete programmes to prevent youth forces from leaving home for greener pastures.

He argued that it was imperative to increase agricultural production to ensure prosperity in any country. Koirala pointed out the need to end corruption, observing that until corruption was ended, the country would not develop.

The influential leader in the NC lambasted party leadership for not being able to give completion to sister organizations and various departments of the party since the party's last national convention was held two years back.  

Similarly, Chitwan-Kathmandu Prajatantrik Sangam's former President Bishnu Poudel said that the Sangam was established to unite the democrats originally from Chitwan and residing in Kathmandu. 

Sangam's President Hemraj Lamichhane said that his organization had been contributing to reinforcing the democratic movement in the country. 

On the occasion, Basantaraj Lamsal, outgoing President of Nepal Microfinance and Bankers' Association, presented a working paper on foreign employment, remittance and self-employed entrepreneurship. (RSS)

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