Free medicine to breast cancer patients in Patan Hospital


Patan Academy of Health Sciences

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Dec.5: Patan Academy of Health Sciences is providing free medicine to breast cancer patients. 

Dr Arun Shahi, Chief Oncologist at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences, said that free medicine called Ribociclib and letrozole combination (oral route) is being provided by the hospital to those who have tested hormone positive for the fourth stage (Metastatic) breast cancer. 

According to Dr Shahi, these medicines are very useful to patients who are in the Metastatic stage.  They are given alternative chemotherapy. These United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA or US FDA) certified medicines are the first choice in the US and Europe. 

He said, “This medicine is a targeted therapy which is used in alternative to chemotherapy.   Even some studies have suggested them to be more effective than chemotherapy itself.” 

He said, “Medicines should be used 21 days a month and give it a rest for a week and continue the cycle.”

So far, four patients have received the free service. 

The hospital has been providing world-class quality medicine under targeted therapy for some kinds of lung cancer, blood cancer, a kind of stomach cancer and kidney cancer. 

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