Six quake victims living under tarp die


By Raju Lamichhane, Rukum Paschim, Nov 29: Six earthquake-affected people of Rukum Paschim who were living under the Tarpaulin Sheet after the devastating earthquake of November 3 have lost their lives. 

Five people died in Aathbiskot Municipality and one in Sani Bheri Rural Municipality. 

According to Hukum Bahadur Pun, ward chair at Aathbiskot Municipality-14, two people died in Pipalchaur village of the ward. 

Ward chair Pun said that the local 68-year-old Tiku Jaishi, and Khali Jaishi, who were living under the Tarpaulin Sheet died. Tiku died on November 26 and Khali died on November 28. 

Likewise, three people on the Aathbiskot Municipality-11 died. 70-year-old Datte Pun died on November 16, 80-year-old Padmi Oli died on November 21 and 75-year-old Naule Pun Magar died on November 27. 

Likewise, one died due to cold in the Sani Bheri Rural Municipality. 62-year-old Nandakali Pun from Junglegaun of Sani Bheri Rural Municipality-1 died on November 27.

Their house was completely destroyed by the earthquake, so they were living under the Tarpaulin Sheet.

The deceased elderlies died because of chronic diseases. 

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