Need of cyber education in villages: Minister Sharma


Photo: RSS

By Bimal Prasad Pokhrel, Pyuthan, Oct 13: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has said that investment in the IT (Information Technology) sector is necessary to produce skilled human resources. Similarly, she said that cyber education should be imparted in all the villages. 

Inaugurating the National Conference on Cyber Crime in Pyuthan, Minister Sharma said that all schools and universities should implement cyber education mandatorily. 

Saying that the government has stepped forward to make IT education compulsory for the 11-12 grade students, she said, "Earlier it was a time when cyber used to be for entertainment whereas lately, it has become a major way of income. People with ICT expertise earned foreign currencies equal to Rs. 68 billion in Nepal and IT students are earning by working from home now."

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