Herbs collection begins in Humla


Locals picking herbs at Simkot Rural Municipality-1. Photo: Rajan Rawat/TRN

By TRN Online, Humla, Oct.3: The collection of herbs, which is the main source of income in the district, has started. Locals have started to gather herbs after the community forest opened an herb collection. 

Shyamjor Lama, a local of the Dojam village, Simkot Rural Municipality -1, said that the collection of herbs has started. This is a main source of income for the villagers and it is the right time for collecting herbs so more than five hundred locals have gone to the forest for the purpose. 

 “Locals have started collecting Kutki and Jatamansi. Previously, herbs picking used to start mid-August, but, this year, the herb picking stretched to October as the community forest did not give permit on time,” he said. 

Jauka Bhandari, local of the Simkot Rural Municipality-6, said that a good quality herb is found in the forest. He has been collecting herbs for the last 10 days. 

One to three people from the majority of the household go to pick herbs in Ward 6. 

“Herb picking is the main source of income for us, so I have aimed to collect herbs worth Rs 300,000, he said.

Even though herb picking has started, selling them has yet to come into being. Traders have started coming to talk to the collectors for purchase, but, collectors are still preparing to sell after determining the price. 

Ram Bahadur Bhandari, the herbs trader, said that collection was less last year, so, allotment from the district was less.

According to him, herbs allotment will increase this season. Herb picking will continue till mid-November this year.

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