Decisions of Karnali govt not implemented yet


By Nabin Subedi

Bulbule, Sept 14 : The decisions made by the annual review meeting of the Karnali Province Government for the Fiscal Year 2022/023 have not been implemented even though one and half months have elapsed since the decisions were made.

The meeting chaired by Karnali Province’s Chief Minister Raj Kumar Sharma had made 21 decisions on July 28 and 29. 

Point no. 20 of the decision states that the work performance contract should be signed between the Chief Minister and ministers, between the ministers and secretaries, and between the head of the divisions and other employees based on the indicators by August 6. However, the decision has not been implemented yet.  

Almost two months have passed since the new fiscal year began. As the decisions have not been put into effect, employees are unable to carry out their work. According to the decision, all seven ministers of the province were required to sign the work performance agreement with the Chief Minister. But the agreement has not been signed yet.

According to the decision, the evaluation of the contract work performance would be interconnected with the assessment of work evaluation, awards, and domestic and foreign study visits. Though the decisions were made to increase the morale of the employees, it has not been implemented yet.

It is seen that most of the decisions, policies and programmes formulated by the Karnali government remain implemented only by the end of the fiscal year. Earlier, Chief Minister Sharma had given 61-point instructions to the employees on January 31, 2023, which have also not been implemented. 

It was also decided that all ministers and secretaries should submit work plans to the office of the Chief Minister and the ministries to ensure transparency in work performance. 

Similarly, the government decided to form a committee under the coordination of the vice-chairman of the Provincial Planning Commission to conduct necessary studies and provide recommendations regarding the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes at the provincial and local levels.

Meanwhile, Tekraj Pachai, the chief whip of the main opposition party in the Provincial Assembly,  CPN-UML, said that the government should be serious about the decisions. He said that some decisions were made for the sake of making decisions without any real significance. Furthermore, the government looks unclear as to how the decisions will be implemented. 

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