Respite For Students


Dixya Poudel

After months of rigorous studies, SEE students in Nepal are currently on a break. SEE, which stands for Secondary Education Examinations, is the final exam of Grade 10 students, previously known as School Leaving Certificate (SLC). Once Nepali students pass their SEE, they are eligible to pursue their higher secondary education. And before their next academic venture, they can enjoy an eagerly awaited respite from studies. Yet, many of them will probably be studying bridge courses to prepare for entrance examinations for their 10+2 or A levels. 

The most competitive subjects for such students will be science and management. As such, highly ambitious students are likely to join bridge courses, forsaking their well-earned leisure. But it doesn’t have to be that way. They can learn to manage their entrance exam preparations and studies while also partaking in fun activities such as outings with friends, family time, taking up new hobbies, and so on.  

Nowadays, in most cities and towns of Nepal, there are many activities available for eager youths. From enjoying their favourite foods in trendy restaurants to watching latest movies in theatres, they have a myriad of choices. In addition, their cherished free time can be used to spend quality moments with families. 

Often, students are so occupied with their studies that they are unable to spend even a few moments of time with their families. Instead, they are found buried deep in their studies at the peak of their exams. But now that the SEE has ended, students have extra time in their hands to help their parents in household chores, cook up a cuisine, try out different indoors and outdoors games, and participate in social events. Further, since SEE concludes in the month of April, the weather is pleasant enough for group picnics and outdoors activities. Students can also take this break to travel.

Moreover, they can take up a hobby such as sketching and painting, reading extensively, learning to play musical instruments, taking classes in public speaking, learning a new language, trying out a new recipe, and so on. These days, there are affordable classes available for such leisure pursuits but one can also learn them online for free. Social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok, etc. and video platforms like YouTube offer free tutorials in art, music, coding, and foreign language classes. Such sites are quite a haven for anyone who wishes to improve on their skills or hobbies. It can further help alleviate stress and provide a creative outlet. 

Students can also research their future careers during their free time. They can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, interests, innate nature, passion and what kind of career would be best for them. Most students will have a certain idea for their future academics as they are already enrolled in bridge courses for their respective choice of academics. Students can further take it up a notch by searching for colleges and universities online that offer their choice of major for future references. They still have to go through and pass their A levels or 10+2 but such in-depth research can make them more prepared for future while also giving them know-how for imminent endeavours. 

As students await their SEE results anxiously, they can take this time to both rejuvenate and reassess their future academics. 

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