Budget estimate for FY 2023/24

Rs 83.99 billion allocated for Health


By Mahima Devkota, Kathmandu, May 29: The government has allocated a total of Rs. 83 billion 99o million for the health sector for the upcoming fiscal year (FY) 2023/24.

While presenting a budget for the upcoming FY 2023/24 at the federal parliament meeting today, Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, said that the basic health services will be made accessible to all citizens and the specialized health facilities will be made accessible to all as well.  Rs 1 billion 280 million has been allocated to provide free health services from basic health centers at the local level. Basic health services including 98 types of vaccines and medicines will be provided by the 6,743 basic health services.

Infectious and vector-borne diseases prioritized

Management and control of COVID-19 and other vector-borne diseases will be prioritized such as dengue, and Kala-azar, where, a vaccine for such diseases will be made readily available. “Search and destroy campaign” pre-monsoon and post-monsoon will be operated.

Expansion of services and beds in hospitals

300 beds will be extended in Sukraraj Tropical Hospital. The under-construction provincial hospitals in Pokhara, Doti, Surkhet, and Bharatpur will be finished and come into operation.  A total of Rs 46 crore is allocated for the infectious disease control hospital. 

Rs eight Arab, 82 crores have been allocated for basic hospitals that are being built in 322 local levels with 5-10-15 beds. Rs 82 crore has been allocated in 100 hospitals that are to be completed this year.  

Geta Medical College in Kailali is going to be developed as Shaid Dashrath Chand Institute of Health Sciences 100 beds to be expanded and operated this year in the Geta medical college. Similarly, it is said that the budget has been allocated for a 100-bed satellite hospital in Dailekh.

Infrastructural development in the Rapti Academy of Health Science (RAHS), in-patient care to be extended in all federal hospitals for mentally ill patients. Chemical and other facilities are to be provided to the National Public Health Laboratory.

Continuation of basic health service facility

 Rs 5,000 is being continued to patients with cancer, dialysis, spinal injury, head injury, sickles, and anemia. For this, Rs two Arab, 50 crores are allocated.

Likewise, Free early detection and early treatment of cervical and breast cancer will be expanded. Free HPV vaccination for cervical cancer to girls from nine to 14 years is continued. The government has announced that kidney transplants will be done in all federal hospitals.

Infertility services seen this time but not an effective plan

The infertility services will be extended to the provincial hospital.

Purchase of health infrastructure

Purchase of stomach scene machine and cyclotron machine in Bharatpur Hospital. Geriatric wards to be made more effective. Early diagnoses of old age diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's are to be prioritized. The budget has been allocated to continue programs of giving free medicines and services for the control of AIDS and leprosy. The capacity of the Shahid Dharmabhakta National Transplant Center will be increased. 

Health insurance services continued

Likewise, health insurance will be continued and will be provided by government and community hospitals.

Maternal and child mortality care

Reduction to Maternity and childcare mortality rate is prioritized. For this, special programs will be operated in high-risk zones. Maternal safety and the newborn program will be continued. Milk bank to be made available in the Paropakar Maternity and Women's Hospital.

Cancer treatment prioritized

For proper treatment of cancer, manpower, and equipment will be made available in cancer hospitals, B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Suresh Wagle Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bhaktpur Hospital, Manmohan Cardiothoracic, and Vascular Center, G.P. Koirala National Center for Respiratory Diseases and Sushil Koirala Prakhar Cancer Hospital. 

Burn Unit in Bir Hosiptal

The burn unit is to be established in the Bir hospital and will be made the burn center of the country. The Civil Service Hospital will be made a specialized hospital.

‘One Doctor and Health Worker, One Health Institution program to continue

In order to encourage doctors and health workers to work in government hospitals, ‘One Doctor and Health Worker, One Health Institution program is to be conducted in federal hospitals. For this RS 24 crore has been allocated. Exercises and yoga are to be facilitated.

MS and DM doctors need to provide service in remote areas well.

Free sanitary pads for female students of government schools

Free sanitary pads will be made provided in the government schools, where, 1 million girls will be benefited. For this, Rs 1 Arab, 42 crores budget have been allocated.

Health budget increased for upcoming fiscal year

Compared to the current fiscal year, Rs 14 billion more has been allocated for the upcoming fiscal year.



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