Tamakoshi to give voluntary retirement to teachers


By Our Correspondent,Dolakha, May 26: The Tamakoshi Rural Municipality, in Dolakha district, has made a decision to give a voluntary retirement with a compensation of Rs. 3,00,000 to its teachers. This decision applies to teachers who have completed a permanent service period of 20 years and have reached the age of 55.

The rural municipality has issued a notification and said that according to the Teacher Golden Leave Programme Implementation Procedure 2079, the teachers are eligible to receive a maximum amount of Rs. 300,000. The teachers interested in participating in the programme are required to submit their application by June 7 as mentioned in the notice. 

There were 186 teachers working at the basic level in the schools, and the teachers working on permanent posts at primary level numbered 139. According to the education branch of the municipality, 15 to 20 teachers are expected to participate in the scheme. 

According to Tamakoshi’s deputy chairperson Sirjana Subedi, although there was no need to reduce the number of positions, facilities have been set up in the hope that by hiring additional teachers, the educational standard can be enhanced. 

He said, “It is not necessary for us to give the post back. If the old teachers leave, it provides an opportunity for us to recruit new qualified teachers.” Subedi said that teachers, who have served for a long period of time, will help make the procedure of filling the positions easier. 

“There is a slim chance that they will be transferred to other places once merging is implemented. We have also provided a training to new individuals who are set to be hired. Technology has started being used in teaching and learning.” 

He asked the teachers to help the municipality by taking voluntary retirement.

According to the procedure, when the merger is implemented by enforcing mandatory leave, it may result in the termination of employment for new teachers, causing educational damage to the municipality. The municipality said that this plan had been introduced to encourage those who have served for a long time and have a short service period left.

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