Cent per cent institutional delivery in Galkot


Dhorpatan, May 21 :  The number of home-based child birth in Galkot municipality remains zero since the past two years. The number of child birth at home came down to zero after the municipality established birthing centers in the wards and facilitated access to health services.    

The number of women giving birth at home has decreased since the municipality began to make women aware and conducted health awareness programs, said Him Bahadur Bhandari, spokesperson of Galkot Municipality.    

He said that the municipality also gives an incentive allowance of Rs. 4,500 to women who give birth in health institutions. At least eight visits to the health centre is mandatory for that. The municipality also pays the transportation expenses, if women are sent to Baglung or any other hospital for delivery following health complications.    

Until two years ago there were frequent deaths of mothers and new born, but now there is no such problem, said health division chief of the municipality Sushil Paudel. Since 2075, the municipality has been conducting the 'Mayor Maternal and Child Nutrition Program'.

There are nine birthing centers, seven health posts, one city hospital, three basic health service centers and two urban health centers in Galkot municipality. (RSS)   

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