Inoculation of 'booster dose' sees snail pace


Mahendranagar, May 15 : As many as 39,258 women and men have so far received inoculation service against coronavirus in Kanchanpur during its campaign for 'booster dose'.    
According to Chief of Immunization at the District Health Office Janak Kunwar, only first and second shots of the 'booster dose' were administered to the people here.    

'Booster dose against coronavirus was administered through the health facilities of all nine local government units', he said, adding, 'Fourth shot has been so far inoculated. We have further demanded quantity of vaccines needed to stem gradual outbreak of the virus again'.    

He shared they had a plan to continue the campaign after fourth week of May provided the availability of vaccines.    

The health office data showed that a total of 13,758 people has only received first booster dose against coronavirus during the campaign.   

As of now, number of people receiving anti-COVID vaccines in Kanchanpur has reached 445,042. Among them, 364,785 received second shot while 216,667 took third dose of the vaccine, the health office said.    

'Though health check-up of the people entering Nepal is continued in Gaddachauki checkpoint, inoculation service has been put off for now', said chief of immunization Kunwar, adding, 'The service has not been operated in a regular manner when required quantify of vaccines is not made available through the centre'. 

He further informed that the campaign of coronavirus test and vaccination was put in place by setting up a health desk at checkpoints.    

As part of the campaign, booster dose was inoculated to the citizens above 55 years, pregnant, health workers and those having weak resistance power last month. (RSS)

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