US Ambassador Thompson meets Madhes CM Yadav


By Dhirendra Prasad Sah,Janakpur, Mar. 31: US Ambassador to Nepal Dean R. Thompson paid a courtesy call on Chief Minister of Madhes Province Saroj Kumar Yadav at  the Janakpurdham-based Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers on Thursday.

The duo had discussed about improving coordination between the provincial government and the USA. CM Yadav requested for assistance to improve and upgrade the province's agriculture, health and education sectors.

Speaking at the programme, Chief Minister Yadav expressed his happiness that the USA was eager to coordinate with the provincial government for the development of  Madhes.

Similarly, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Madhes Province Minister for Finance, said that the province lacked enough budget and effective laws due to which they  were unable to give the desired pace to development activities.

Earlier, ambassador Thompson said that he had arrived in Madhes to discuss the ways they could coordinate effectively to provide direct support in the needed sectors.  

Citing that it was a celebratory moment that Nepal-America friendship has completed 75 years, ambassador Thompson said, "We want to help Madhes Province to upgrade its physical infrastructure, improve health and education sectors, and fight against climate change," said envoy Thompson.

He added, "Our support has been provided through USAID by conducting programmes up to community level. There is a need to implement beneficial programmes through the provincial and local governments. By making some necessary amendments, job opportunities can be increased across the province."

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