It's necessary to take campaign of social transformation to rural areas: PM Prachanda


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' addressing the inaugural session of the convention of 'Lions Club District-325 J'. RSS

Kathmandu, March 25: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has pointed out the need of taking organisations active in the social sector in remote areas.     

Addressing the inaugural session of the convention of 'Lions Club District-325 J', Prime Minister Prachanda mentioned that social organisations should provide services reaching the rural areas.     

He opined, "There is a need for policy and programme to develop leadership not only in the educated youths of urban areas but also youths of remote areas of all classes and communities--- backward, marginalized, women, Dalit, Madhes, who are interested in change and can contribute to the movement of social transformation."

PM Prachanda further said the incumbent government was determined to achieve goals of social justice, good governance and prosperity by facing the existing political and economic challenges.     

Lions Club has been carrying out various activities in the social sector in Nepal, he said, adding Lions Club of Biratnagar was established under the chairmanship of former Prime Minister Matrika Koirala in 1971 in Nepal. There are 15 now districts and more than 50,000 members of the Lions club in Nepal.     

The Prime Minister said, "The Lions Club has been leading different social and humanitarian activities across the country at the special initiative of politically and educationally aware youths. Especially, the Club has been fulfilling its social responsibility keeping itself in the forefront during a national disaster like COVID-19, earthquake."

PM Prachanda viewed, "Politics has a pivotal role in all aspects of social lives since it is the fulcrum of all policies. The more we make politics ideal, disciplined, moral and people-oriented, the other aspects of social life also become more responsible and accountable. For this, engagement and leadership of resolute youths are inevitable."

According to him, in today's context, disciplined, educated and thoughtful youths with an acute sense of responsibility towards the nation and countrymen could shoulder the historic responsibility of nation-building.     

The Head of the Government lauded the Lions had been keeping itself at the forefront in every hour of national crisis. "Lions are active in educational and social activities. It has played an important role in social transformation. It is also working towards developing and promoting entrepreneurship among youths. It is itself an important matter."

He viewed that the Lions Club should expand its scope of work in the spirit of inclusive democracy. "I have a challenging opportunity in my third stint as the Prime Minister. I am determined to convert the challenges into opportunities by bringing about positive changes in the lives of people, eliminating hopelessness from people and spreading optimism among them as well as forging a national consensus."     

He called for cooperation from all quarters towards this end.     

The PM expressed his confidence that the event will formulate new policies and elect a capable leadership. (RSS)

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