Minister Kirati expresses concern over growing influence of foreign culture


By Our Correspondent,Sarlahi, Mar. 23: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati has expressed his concern about Nepalis' growing embrace of foreign culture at the expense of their native traditions. 

Addressing the eighth national gathering of the Youth Federation of Indigenous Nationalities at Harion, Sarlahi, on Tuesday, Minister Kirati worried that growing preference for foreign customs would lead to the erasure of our history and customs. 

He elaborated by giving the example of Nepal's indigenous dishes. 

"Our parents used to give us fried potatoes when we were children. Now, they call it French Fries," he said. "We have been eating Chamre since time immemorial. But now, we call it fried rice." "We should not copy foreign culture like this. We should live in our own culture.  Only then will we be able to save our identity."

Kirati had also talked in length about Nepal's native food and lifestyle when he came to Harion a few days ago to participate in the Youth Federation's statute convention. 

Meanwhile, Kirati, who was elected to the House of Representatives from Bhojpur, complained that Koshi Province was not named on the basis of identity.

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