Duet art exhibition of Pariyar, Dangol in the capital


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, March 23:  A duet art exhibition titled 'Compatible Thoughts' is running at Siddhartha Art Gallery in Kathmandu.  Altogether 22 artworks of Ishan Pariyar and Sabita Dangol are on display. The artist duo are couple. The exhibition has opened on March 3 and will conclude on March 31.

The two artists have kept some old paintings on the display and created some new ones for the show.  According to Dangol, she and Pariyar have jointly painted colours on a few canvases. In Dangol's works, one can find the overlapping of various experiences and responses to the current socio-political situations of Nepali society. 

Dangol said that there were central male and female figures in almost every artwork which represent nature and its origin. "Without the origin of nature, one cannot imagine the world," she added. 

In some of her paintings, Dangol has used a comb as the central motif. According to her, since comb untangles the tangled hair, therefore, it, in a way, resolves the problem.

The colours that she has applied in her works represent her innermost thoughts and ideas.  According to her, different colours suggest different experiences that she have gone through. Similarly, Pariyar's artworks portrays the parallel journey that the Gods themselves embark upon, as each pilgrim carries an image of sacred being in their hearts. 

For him, the boat is a symbol of  soul, or of human being finding his/her way to a spiritual world. Pariyar said, “The boat flies and sometimes bloats on water in my paintings.”  In some artworks, Pariyar raises voice against the social discrimination and domination. 

The boat, water and sometimes other motifs are presented in the texture of bitter gourd. He symbolically exploits motifs of gods, deities and sculptures as they represent the quest for equality and dignity.

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