National conference on rainwater harvesting taking place on March 19


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 Kathmandu, March 18: A national conference with the theme of ‘Rainwater harvesting for conserving water and addressing the impacts of climate change’ is taking place in Kathmandu on March 19-20. 

The two-day conference will be co-organized on the occasion of World Water Day by SmartWash Solutions and WaterAid Nepal in coordination with the Ministry of Water Supply and in collaboration with various organizations.    

All preparations have been over for the conference, said the organising committee at a press conference here on Saturday.    

The conference aims to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of rainwater harvesting, and reduce the impacts of climate change and water crisis said the Solutions’ Chair Ramdip Sah, who also leads the organising committee.

Creating awareness about the importance of water, advocating for an appropriate related policy, and providing water-related knowledge and appropriate new technology is the agenda on the table, he said.    

For this, an organising committee under the chairperson of Sah comprising representatives of the oganisers and supporting organisations has been formed.

Similarly, a technical committee led by former Vice-Chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Sunil Babu Shrestha has also been constituted. Various 16 working papers will be presented by thematic experts on the occasion. (RSS)

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